Group Flight

Hi, i’m kinda bored, don’t know either if this is appropriate to post this here, but does anyone here want to do a group flight with me? Like KLAX-KSFO or something like that. Again don’t know if this is appropriate to post this here.

I see this more fit for the #live category. Just for advice, post there for group flights. 👍🏻

This technically isn’t an event as he wants it to occur right now (Group Flights are allowed on #live)

Ok, will make sure to put it there next time, or is there someway to move the post?

I have Moved it for you. 👍🏻

Maybe you can PM people who you think want to fly with you.

Yeah but I don’t know any people that play Infinite Flight.

That’s the worst way to do it. This works fine.

I’m up to fly KISP-KBWI in a Southwest B737 if you would like (1 hour flight) ;)

I get it, sorry for the inconvenience. Maybe I will fly with you sometime. Busy this week tho

Pretty much everyone plays IF here. It’s a whole community of people! 😉

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Discord is very much not liked in the community.

Spawn at KISP on TS1 or Expert or Casual (let me know) in the Southwest B737-700/800 and then copy my flight plan and we can communicate here or via PM

Ok, just realised I have to quickly do something, sorry. I’ll be back in like 30 min though so then we can fly (if) you are still online.

Hi im back, your up to do the flight now?

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