Group Flight

Anyone want to do some Hopping flights like on TS1 with Cessnas just airport to airport

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Something like Maybe Caribean, Hawaii, SoFlo, Etc somewhere where we can hop echo airport to echo

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Does it have to be cessnas?

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WAnna hop in a F-22 or F-14 and fly with me and start from KNUC and fly around

Not KNUC as it’s super busy with noobs doesn’t have to be Cessna but preferably you may want a Propeller Aircraft

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How about Dash 8 in Caribbean?

I would do some SoFlo hops but my phone is about to die and my brother has my charger.

We can do St Maartin in some Curris

Ok that will work lets start at TAPA and go From there

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I’ll be in C208 at TAPA TS1

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