Group flight?

Southern California. KLAX KSAN

Let’s do it! What gate?

What aircraft /Livery and gate?

A319 or 737-800? I’m spawning Gate T2 G21A-Apron 21A

Ok, Boeing 777-300 any airline, TBIT

A319 or 737-800 sorry didnt read stafford_dlva7871

No worries. I made the FPL already too. Just let me know when to get going.

Im coming, its just loading

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I will not be joining as I dont step foot into SoCal


LOL One day, grasshopper.

Where are you? Where are we going?

I don’t see you anymore. But, I’m headed to San Diego. Did you not copy my flight plan?

I get a notification during my flight that im overspeeding can I somehow get that to be quiet

I’m really not trying to be a smart ass, but slow down…. and, if you still see me, you can ask me to slow down.

Shoot I have red bars on the right hand corner i may have to start over because I have live flight open so I can see where am I and you and I dont see myself.

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