Group flight?

Anyone up for a group flight?

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Meet me at KBFI… Any aircraft livery… With a callsign of Boeing (Number)

What about KLAX? Can you meet me there

TS1? Im so sorry but no… I never step foot into SoCal


Ok, what airport then?

Im currently flying around KBFI in the Seattle Region

What gate so I can meet you there? What plane?

I actually want to do an group flight from a big airport like KLAX to KNUC or KSAN

Just go find someone there and tag along… (Look for a IFC member!)

How would I find an IFC member? or tag along with someone?
Thats hard to find someone to tag along because you dont know where there flying to

You can look at the FPL and copy it


what?How would I do that?

KNUC is literally a military base not a big airport


So then why do people fly jet planes there on Infinite Flight?

Because its TS1… If you look on expert it is usually alot different


Oh I did not know that

Can someone do a group flight with me

More people will want to join if it’s not on SoCal TS

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What is SoCal? I don’t know what that means

I already told you where I am flying… If you look on LiveFlight… Im doing some nice Boeing Flying for Norwegian (Getting some hours on this aircraft so it can be delivered)

Seattle Region, Boeing 527

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