Group flight YMML to YSSY.

Aircraft and Livery: A320 Jetstar. Escorts: F 22

Route: YMML - YSSY. Choose your own flight plan.

Time of Departure: 5:00 PM AEST, Monday May 27th

Server: Training

If you would like to escort please comment below. See you there!

The #live:groupflights category is only intended for flights that will take place within 3h after the topic has being posted.

As this now falls into the #live:events category, I am afraid you will have to wait, since you don’t have access to post there, due to your low TL.

Before posting in both categories though, make sure to review the guidelines, as your title needs to be in a different working format.

OK I will change that now

Please, read my reply carefully^. Once you reach Trust Level 2 (Member), you will be able to organize events. (You are currently TL1(Basic User)

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I don’t honestly understand the point of “choosing your own flight plan” than that’s not an escort flight if people are all gonna have different FPL’s. I recommend you specify your thread a little better please.

OK. I will do it better next time.

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3hrs :)