Group flight to Dublin

Hey IFC!

Yesterday i joined @MishaCamp and @AviatorDan for a group flight from Moscow to Dublin! We did have another special guest @AdamCallow and a few other IFC members who came along.

Here are a few photos of the flight!

Pictures are edited

D e t a i l s

Server: Expert
Flight time: 3hrs 47mins
Route: UUDD to EIDW
Cruising altitude: FL360
Aircraft: A319
Airline: S7

At the gate

Holding short runway 32R


Climbing with clouds

Wing view of Copenhagen


Descending into Dublin

Final runway 28L

Watching Misha land!
Everyone had a good landing

Parked at the gate

Hope you enjoyed it!



Amazing photos… and nice views up there!

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Thank you :)

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Cool shots I like them :)

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Thank you 😊