Group Flight Thread

This is a thread about organizing flights with others. Here you can find or ask fellow pilots to to a quick flight, medium/long haul or even a formation flight together. All refueling requests/notices should be posted in the topics below:

The request format should be as follows:


▪Type of flight (Formation, Point-to-Point, Group Patterns, etc)

▪Display name

▪Current callsign



▪Estimated departure time

▪Estimated flight time


The #live:events category should still be used for all planned and organized events. Use this topic for those “moments notice” type of flights with the intention of departing in 30 minutes or less of the current posted time.

Enjoy your flights!!


I’ve always wanted something like this on the IFC! Hopefully this stays open


Good idea. Nice place to find someone to fly with

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We needed a centralized thread for all of the “spur of the moment” flights. Great idea!


Formation Flight Around EGLL!

F-22s, departure, 10 mins.
Estimated flying time: 30 mins

Callsign: Canadian 5 40, Casual Server

@Captain-Cade Please use the format given above :)

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Doing a flight in the Air Canada A321!

Server: Expert
Gate departure time: July 5, 2018 7:10 PM
Time en-route: 4hr 40min
Departure Airport: CYYZ | Gate 137
Arrival Airport: CYVR


CYYZ 4408N/8029W 4501N/8149W 4524N/8225W 4537N/8254W 4550N/8324W 4554N/8331W 4607N/8350W 4607N/8351W SSM 4628N/8427W 4631N/8438W 4807N/8903W YQT VBI VLN 5058N/11000W 5058N/11000W 5105N/11156W 5040N/11623W 5040N/11625W 4946N/12060W 4931N/12203W CYVR

Aircraft: Air Canada A321
My display name: IFATC Reese
My callsign: Air Canada 113



Fuel: 42708 LBS
Number of Passengers: 180
Cargo: 11000 LBS

Altitude of cruise: FL320
Mach Number for cruise: M0.80

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Pushing now

Doing some tight/crazy patterns @ CYYJ on the casual server right now to increase my landings, if anyone wants to join, you’re welcome to come!

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I will any specific aircraft? @SF34

I’m in a 208

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A320 default coming soon!

Looks like u crashed

I’m back…?

Loll. Are you continuing?