Group Flight: The Mini Route!

I love this.
Gonna try & participate, hopefully!


I wonder how many people will land too fast and bounce 5+ times


👀Spawn in casual sever to do some practice

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It’s the C172, that’s guaranteed lol…


I’m actually not going to fly - will watch from LAX…

and will count how many people who don’t know how to use the transition command correctly…

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Expect random game crash actually🗿


Can you stop actually 🗿

Air India 747 can’t stop on air actually 😁

Cessna 172 wants Air India 747 to quit his nonsense actually 🗿

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Due to last minute changes of plans I will be able to join ! It’s been quite a long time since I participated in a group flight , My last one was the Munich to LAX one like two months ago !

i might try to join but ill be really late

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And Air India 747 won’t quit actually🗿

I’ll be there! This will be a fun one.

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Oh wow what a turnout

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Does the event start in 8 min

It does indeed!

Quite a lot of Cessnas!

Getting out early! Smart :)

I’ll watch the livestream. 👨🏻‍✈️👍🏻

Aww man, my device keeps crashing :(