Group Flight: The Mini Route!

Hello everyone, welcome to another Group Flight. This time around we’re doing something a little different… Join us on a 15 minute VFR flight from Santa Monica to Jack Northrop Field Hawthorne Municipal with the C172. After departing Santa Monica we’ll head south towards LAX where we’ll transition the airport at 2,500ft via the mini route!

IFATC will provide service where able, so remember to always be in contact with them if they are open. This includes centre and departure frequencies.


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Origin Destination Livery Aircraft Distance Duration Fuel Server Departure
KSMO KHHR ANY C172 40 NM 0:15 55 kgs Expert 2023-11-01T19:00:00Z

Where’s the flight plan? We don’t need one… we’ll be flying VFR this time for a change. The map below is for guidance purposes. In an ideal world, this will be the exact route to fly if the winds are favourable for RWY 25 on arrival. This is weather dependant so keep your eyes peeled on this thread for a plan B. Try to stay on track with the red line. Please familiarise yourself with this procedure - we recommend a test run in solo mode!

The Southbound Mini Route Guide 🧭

To follow the southbound mini route, follow the steps below:


Prior to departure, tune the SMO VOR to NAV 1.


Chance the source from GPS to NAV 1.


Change the CRS 1 heading to 128 degrees.


Takeoff from KSMO, intercept and track the SMO 128 radial. Climb and maintain 2,500ft at 90kts.


Tune into KLAX tower & request transition. Once you’ve received clearance, fly over LAX at 2,500’ and enjoy the view! Remember, maintain your altitude and speed.


As you pass over 25L at KLAX, make a shallow turn to the right and track towards the corner of the 405 freeway. Once you’ve reached the corner of the freeway, turn downwind and initiate your descent!

It’s imperative that you adhere to ALL expert server rules and the specifics listed below:
Keep preceding and surrounding traffic in sight at ALL TIMES
Maintain 90kts at 2,500’ throughout the transition
DO NOT fly too close to others
Failure to comply with ATC & expert server rules will result in violations

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This event will be streamed live on YouTube. You can watch it below!

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How can I appeal my Level 2 or 3 Violation?

If reported by ATC on the Expert Server for an infraction you will be issued a Level 2 or Level 3 Violation. This may be appealed here on the Community Forum by sending a direct message to @appeals where you should provide your callsign, display name, location, details surrounding the report, and a replay file which can easily be uploaded here!

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Will definitely try to join


Hope to see you there!


Dan I can join this too!

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oh my gosh a C172 when I’m at school…

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OMG the time 3am-4am and a school day definitely can’t join………

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Can’t join sadly this is during school time.

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I hope my game doesn’t crash

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Interesting but can’t join:(

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Interesting, very interesting, I’ll try to be there


I’m joining this 100% - can’t miss out.


I leave school at 2:30 Ill try to make it

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Thank god I end school at 2:30 and I will make this


This event is great however it’s almost midnight in my region, will try to join.

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Interesting event. I’ll try to join you guys.

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During school, wish I could join especially bc this is a short route. Have fun Dan!

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Oop 👀 this ought to be fun


my school ends at 2:30 but its at 12 whyyyyyyy


This looks fun! Can’t wait :)