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Hello all,
Today I would like to have a group flight but I was just wondering what server would it be on for you to join?

  • Casual
  • Training
  • Expert

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This for a group flight to celebrate the end of my tour around the world, details will be posted later on today.

Thanks! Of course if this doesn’t fit here please edit or lock.

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I don’t think anyone will want Casual. Training is also easy to troll, so I would think Expert.

I agree but someone has already said “I would be interested if it was in training server…”.

If you want group flights join a VA and you will have many other people to fly

That’s not necessarily true, I was considering voting on casual myself as it’s fun to goof around on there from time to time

I do agree that not many people would want it on training though as it’s hard to be professional with trolls but also harder to goof around on

Sometimes people would like to do group flights on certain routes. Va’s only fly specific routes to the airline

I’m aware but it’s going to be in a few hours (today) but it’s from Northern China to Mongolia so I don’t think there will be any VA’s for that area.

No for example I am part of AFKLM but we have so many Codeshare-Routes we don’t fly Af or KLM all the time.

Yes but what VA goes from ZAHH to ZMUB? None that I’m aware of.

We might have this Codeshare. And the Va also provides routes for the weekly ATC Schedule with other airlines

You know what, when I write up the group flight I’ll invite any VA’s and I guess we’ll see!

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Ye do that if it fits I will join and I can ask AFKLM and GAVA if they want to join

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@Beniamino, @DimitriB, @TimShan05, @TRDubh and for all those who voted on the expert server I have just created my group flight. Please come along and invite your VA’s too!

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