Group Flight: Riyadh to Toronto!

Do I have to use the infinite flight livery or can I use another livery

Yea you can use whatever livery you want. It’s preferred if you follow the event detail guidelines but there are no rules against using other liverys.

Thanks for answering my question

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This will be at 1am for me

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It’s almost time!!


Are we able to use any airlines ?

Yes we can use any liveries

I only have to get up at 9am

Dan I am here!

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Breaking news!!!


OMG what is it

Unfortunately I can’t make it for landing as it’s at 7am for me so I am gonna divert to a nearby airport in a few. Just wanted to come for departure


its 4am for

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That I can attend an event 🗿

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Anyway time for me to divert

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Hope you guys enjoyed that departure from OERK! Luckily everything was smooth :)

Enjoy your trip to Canada!

Enjoy your landing into OEDM 😅👍

My game crashed mid air

How do you get in the group flight

You can still Join but the other community members are in mid flight