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Hello, I would like to do a group flight later on later in the day and I didn’t want it to be long so around maybe an hour or so flight time. This is a poll to see if people would be able to come and also what flight to choose. I will make another group flight topic with all the info on the flight later. Thanks!

Will you be able to join me tonight on a group flight around 1800Z

  • Yes
  • No

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If yes, which of these flights/routes would you like to fly?

  • EFHK(Helsinki)-EFRO(Rovaniemi)
  • OOMS(Muscat)-OMDB(Dubai)
  • FMEE(Reunion)-FIMP(Mauritius)
  • VABB(Mumbai)-VIDP(New Delhi)[Challenging low visibility approach]

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Keep in mind these routes are appx. 45 mins to 1 hour and 30 mins depending on the route.


feel free to write down some routes for a group flight for next time!

Alright the group flight is up from OOMS to OMDB at 1800Z tonight. Check the info here

Hope you can come!

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