Group Flight: Panama City to New York!

I wanted to join but you reported me level 3 violation😭😭

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What timezone are these events in? Local to departure location or fixed to EST? PST? I am in PST and seem to usually miss these.

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welcome back to the community! The time will automatically translate to your time zone, so the event starts at 11 am PST

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Great flight! Great 🛫 and a butter 🧈 and a big shout out to @Dan and the ATC esp @jai for excellent vectoring🙏

Why is KBOS pictured on the map?

Diversion route

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That was so much fun. Thanks for a good caravan from PTY➡️JFK.

Enjoy Your Flight ✈️

This damn screen time limit got me disconnected from the live server… had to divert to kiad later to make it just in time for the downtime limit.

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