Group flight out of KJFK to Niagara Falls in the 757-200!

In honor of the recent public release of 20.3, and it being the last major update of 2020, I think it would be a nice idea to share the love for the 757-200 with a group flight for a formation over Niagara Falls. I’ve chosen Niagara Falls as the main attraction because of its geographical uniqueness, and superb views in the real world.

Event Information

Aircraft and Livery: Boeing 757-200 in the Infinite Flight livery.

Route: KJFK (departure) - KJFK (arrival) [more details regarding altitudes, flight time, waypoints, etc. will be shared as the event day approaches via group message].

Time of Departure: 12/20/2020 @ 12PM CST.

Server: Expert.

Additional Information: Please let me know if you plan on attending! And feel free to message me with any questions, or updates I should add to the topic.

  • I am planning on editing a replay of this flight into a YouTube video, to showcase some nice shots of 757’s flying in a formation.

Formation details: In terms of the actual formation itself, I was thinking of flying a V-shape over Niagara Falls, for dramatic effect.

Can you share the route?

Ooops, that won’t work. We here like to do things 3 hours before the flight or even later, but not earlier. I suggest you check out this important historical document, telling the ladies and gentlemen about how not to sin in this category

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Refer to category guidelines.