Group flight or event or...?

Hi there,

I have a question, maybe there was answer somewhere but i couldn’t have seen it because my English knowledge is not good enough.

My problem is:

Example: I want to prepare a flight within 15 mins. I cannot decide it a few months ago or hours ago. I just want to make a flight program in 15 mins and i want to fly with 5 or 6 pilots and maybe 1 or 2 atc.

What should i do, shall i open a topic in group flights or events section? This is not a pre-planned flight. I just think that i want to fly but i don’t want to be alone. And i want to fly with custom users, not specified.


If you want to do a #live:groupflights it has to be 3 hours from when you posted the topic. I’ll leave something information on #live:groupflights.

If you want to do a Events when it will be more than 3 hours. I’ll leave some information on Events.

Please follow all instructions that are stated on the threads.


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So there is no option for less than 3 hours. Should i open a general or live topic for less than 3 hours flights or should i just prepare a flight which can begin 3 hours or more after.

If you want to do a flight that will occur in less than 3 hours you use #live:groupflights

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Thanks a lot. I was struggling to explain my problem and now things are clear. Hope to see you on the air.

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Your welcome, we are here to help.

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Here’s something that can help you :)

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Hello, you can join our group, if you want, where we do planned events but also flash events or sometimes just ask who is available to fly in the next few minutes.
For more information just follow the link: IFSFG


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Mods can close now I guess hope it all goes well @CK777

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