Group Flight Newark to Chicago

Event Cancelled sadly sorry

Unfortunately I cannot join its 1:00 AM for me

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Doesn’t united operate 757s on this route?

yes just changed it thanks for the help

I’m in Virginia. 1:00 AM on a school morning for me. Can’t join.

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Event has been cancelled since no one can attend

Do not cancel, just 2 hrs after published, we dont know how many pilots can fly really.


And also have a problem with the option to mark go to the event

@Olivia12 what time zone are you in?

I bet people will join don’t cancel

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Melbourne Australia

I think this thing is broken and doesn’t respond when I click it
Nvm I have now opened KEWR GTS on the Expert Server @Olivia12
Feel free to join this event if you have time :))

No because sadly no one is coming

Nvm you can come :)

I am having technical difficulties sorry

It doesn’t matter, I hope you’re well

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@Olivia12 maybe make an event on new years

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