Group flight (LIRF to LIPX) (one A380, two FA18's)

This is gonna be my fist group flight ever and I’m very excited! There are going to be two FA18’s (one on the left one on the right and behind the jet, we are gonna cruise at 260-280 knots at F.L 200. We are gonna depart all at once and we are going to land one at the time ( the A380 fist). The flight is gonna be on Sunday 15 Oct at 9:00 o’clock in the morning or at night at 21:00 (european time zone, expect UK which is + 1 hour and all contries at that level and above), I’l tell ya before everything starts. I will also file in the replies the flight plan if i can but you can follow me with no problem at all. My callsign is N181JE and we are gonna meet at LIRF in Italy (Areoporto Roma Fiumicino) on the training server.

P.S: I’m gonna do pusback, taxi and everithing on the ground first.

Remember to have fun and tell me in the reply section what you wanna do.

See you!!😀😀


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