Group Flight @ KLAX - 191205ZAUG19

hi, who want to fly with me from KLAX to KEWR

aircraft livery:amarican airlines


departing after 15 minutes from this post

expert server

maximum 10 people
takeoff runway 24R

klax tom bardley intl terminal
gate 159
gate 157
gate 154
gate 156
gate 155
gate 152
gate 153
gate 150
gate 148
gate 130A

i hop everyone join me


If you would like to create a group flight topic in a certain time PLEASE do read the Category guidelines before posting one. Thanks! (There are plenty of things wrong already, please change that.)


I’m soryy about this
if i want someone to fly with me i should go to events then?

This should stay in #live:groupflights, as the flight will start within 3 hours of the post. So, keep it in this category, as you’re departing in 15 minutes. :)


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