Group Flight: Istanbul to Dubai!

Hey! We flew Emirates in one of our recent group flights :)

We sure did and i enjoyed it very much! Very nice these events, appreciate it not to feel ‘ too alone ‘ in the skies…
Dan, to whom can i address any questions to, like the procedures in star/approach as to the colors and digids of rw’s here in, in other words: what is the meaning of the colors ao? Nice meeting you and keep them up!
NB have you heard that KLM -my former employer- is saying goodbye to all A330 and 777’s and replacing them all with the 787-10?
Take care n my best regards,
John Stuitje (Stjohn)

I have grade 2, I can participate?

Hello! Unfortunately you’ll need to be grade 3 to attend this event.

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Uk lads already finished school 🙂 5pm for us

You may start this event in the trading server so that I can come too

No ATIS, chaos, nah we good

I would love to come but I’m doing another flight.

Also I have school off today (I’m in nj USA). You guys don’t have school off for Rosh Hashanah?

still in grade 2, once i come to grade 3 join later events. Cheers

Hey! i’m landing in just over 3 hours.

Have a nice- (enjoyable) flight.

See you in Dubai!!!

How do I get in?

Sorry for the messed up spacing guys, was difficult handling all the traffic alone, but I’m glad I got you out without too much delay (I hope)…

Make sure you adjust your FL and/or distance to maintain the required minimum separation.

Safe flight and landing in Dubai <3

Chief Executive Officer


Fr I was in line in front of you now I’m 100NM behind you

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Can we see the custom terminals WIP at Dubai

And i ended up landing 15 minuten after you 😂

Game got crash on touchdown. :(

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So lucky that you guys are 5 hours ahead and these events always favor UK time lol

Me too bro me too

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because turkish is on top

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