Group Flight Help

I am confused… It does not let me have one of those fancy group flight things? Do I have to be at a certain trust level or what?

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If I’m not mistaken, you need to be a TL2 also known as ‘member’.

If i’m wrong, pls someone correct me

no you’re correct actually it actually in the #live:groupflights rules
but still you need to be TL2

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Thanks for the confirmation :)

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Ok thanks for the help!


#live:groupflights does not have a trust level requirement. Only #live:events, #real-world-aviation, #real-world-aviation:spotting, and #features have a TL2 minimum.

Group flights can be made by any trust level. You don’t have to be at TL2.

Are you talking about events by any chance? Because you need to be TL2 to create an event.

Enjoy making your group flight :)