Group Flight From NZAA To NZWN! @ NZAA - 242300ZDEC19

Welcome To Beautiful New Zealand, todays flight will be from Auckland Airport (NZAA) To Wellington (NZWN)

  • Aircraft and Livery: a320-200 Air NZ livery

  • Route: NZAA To NZWN

  • Time of Departure: 2019-12-23T23:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

Flight Time Around 50 mins

  • Additional Information:

Just copy my flight plan when you spawn in


Gate 29 -
Gate 30 - @Cpt_Zorndy
Gate 31 -
(More Gates If Needed)

Hello! Please follow the correct format!



Your title should be:

“Group Flight from Auckland to Wellington! 241100ZDEC19”

And since this happens later then 3 hours it should be in #live:events :)

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Im sorry It was rushed so I was re editiing it while you were typing

It happens in 1 hour though

Your title should be:

(Today!) Group Flight From NZAA to NZWN @ NZWN 241100ZDEC19

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Well it says 12:00 Pm for me which is tomorrow. Are you sure you imputed the correct time? I think you mixed up am and pm :)

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No in the time zone im in its in 1 hour

Ok then, my apologies. Just fix the title :)

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oof you were right soz lol

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10 Minutes Till Pushback

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