Group Flight From KMKE to KSEA

A fun group flight set up by @SWA1997, from Milwaukee to Seattle, in the Alaska 737-900. A fun flight over some amazing scenery and cities!
captions correspond to the picture above them

KMKE-KSEA, Training Server

The group set up at Terminal D in Milwaukee

Getting ready for takeoff

Cruising over Minneapolis

Banking to align with runway 34 R at KSEA

On the approach w/ Mount Rainier

Gear down!

Taxiing to parking, with an Alaska Dash 8

The remaining pilots parked on the ramp

Alaskan Airlines w/ Mt. Rainier

I hope you enjoyed!


Hey there!

Nice photos!

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Ok, I can take some down

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These are some very good shots! Nice work!

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Photo #2 is awesome! I love the angle! Nice shots!

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