Group Flight From BWI-SLC

Special thanks to @Butter_Boi and @SWA1997 for organizing this event! And a big thanks to @MJP_27 and @PilotA320 for being ATC! This was a fun group flight, all in the 737-800, from Baltimore-Washington Thurgood, to Salt Lake City International. Pilots were @SWA1997, @Butter_Boi, @Aviation108 (myself), @hi_ppl, @aircasa_88, @plane_guy12, @TheCaptain17, @MacGyver, @CaptJJ, @Al-Shawwaf. Enjoy!
captions correspond to pictures above them

Parked at the A gates at BWI

Holding short of runway 15R

V1, Rotate. Salt Lake City, here we come!

The beautiful heart of the USA

We had company, who I just barely managed to climb above. @Craig_Cornett?

Banking to align with Runway 34L

A smooth and safe arrival into SLC!

@Butter_Boi, on short final.

The flight parked at Concourse B
Once again, thanks to @SWA1997 and @Butter_Boi for planning this event, and @MJP_27 and @PilotA320 for their professional ATC services!


It was an amazing flight, glad you could join us!

Great photos too!

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Thanks a lot! Great planning!

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No problem!

Very nice photos as well!


Amazing photos!! But… did you landed without landing lights? Anyways, here you have a quick edit of my favorite picture:

Oh no…
From now on I’m not going to turn them off, even at cruise. :P
Thanks for the edit though!

Best airline and livery!! ❤️💙💛

Nice photos

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