Group Flight For my Birthday

For my bday flight, that is 26th March, On this date KDFW aka Dallas airport is featured and I have a route planned out and I HOPE you join

Lufthansa or American whatever suits u the best.
This route is also flown with A330 in Lufthansa
The departure time will be at exactly:
11:30Pm 🇮🇳, India time

2pm Monday 🇺🇲, USA time

6pm Monday 🇬🇧, United Kingdom time

10Pm Monday 🇦🇪, UAE time

2am Tuesday 🇸🇬, Singapore time

3am Tuesday 🇯🇵, Japan time

11am Monday LA time.

Cruise speed : 250 Below ten thousand, 320 after ten thousand and mach 0.85 After FL280
Passengers: 247
Cargo: not sure
Fuel : 15 hours, Includes block fuel.

Please do join I don’t wanna celebrate my bday all alone that’s why I’m doing the flight to a featured airport.
The flight time is 11hrs25mins, or more if we get headwinds.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy your day

I wish to have as many pilots even if ATC cld be provided on EDDF.
My callsign is 3D-DEL, my bday is approaching and I don’t wanna celebrate alone!

Comment down : “I’ll be joining” also let me know if you are ATC or A normal pilot.

If don’t wanna comment you cld drop a Dm on “bane3070” on discord saying " I’ll be there"
Thank you!


I’d recommend creating an event for this or putting it in the “live” category.

Done, can you check it now?

Also you should put in the time as this.
2024-03-25T18:20:00Z, because the US has 5 time zones

I don’t know how to use IFC…

What time zone do you live in?

Hey @Pishi_Rocket, you can see this thread for more information on how to create and format an event on the IFC:

Atleast for tonight let it stay in this way? People can google the IST time that is 11:30pm according to their timezones right? Let it stay this way for tonight, the next event I host I’ll make sure it stays proper

If anyone is joining you can go ahead and spawn in 10 mins thank you!

I will Join
as Envoy 1

Okay we respawning on EDDF as I suffered low fuel

Is this today?

It already happened, tho if you want we can do the return flight at 12am Indian time, use Google for now I’m busy a biy