Group Flight : End Of The Year 2023! Infinite Flight Indonesia

Hello Everyone, welcome to Group Flight! This time we’ll be flying from Soekarno Hatta Intl Airport, Jakarta to Sentani Airport, Papua. This is the first time we’re organizing a Group Flight Event. We’ll be flying the exact same route as in Real Life, which takes approximately 5 hours. Let’s go flying!


Time & Date : 2023-12-31T01:40:00Z2023-12-31T05:40:00Z

Orgin : Soekarno Hatta Airport [WIII]

Destination : Sentani Airport [WAJJ]

Airline & Aircraft : Garuda Indonesia[B738] / Batik Air[A320]

Server : Expert

Gate : At You Discretion

Flight Plan :

WIII 617S/10652E DIYAN 634S/10727E 637S/10756E 640S/10816E 642S/10834E PIALA ANY LASEM SIPUT 550S/11504E 538S/11633E 532S/11704E MKS 439S/12160E HIPNO HOLBA AMN SOBIA 340S/13201E KMN 322S/13530E 253S/13838E JPA 241S/14040E WAJJ

(Follow @TuuAvvgekk for SID/STAR)

Air Traffic Control


ATIS Ground Tower Departure Approach
- - - - -


ATIS Tower Departure Approach
- - - -

Jakarta & Ujung Pandang Center

Jakarta Ujung Pandang
- -


  • Spawn 15 minute before Push Back Time
  • Give a 5-7 NM spacing when departing
  • Follow all ATC Instructions
  • Keep the professionalism or you will be given a violation
  • Give a 15-20 NM spacing at Cruising altitude

I will come!😍

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Bump this thread!

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Bump this thread!

Can’t wait!

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