Group Flight: Dubai to Jeddah

Group Flight: Dubai (DXB/OMDB) to Jeddah(JED/OEJN)!

Server: Expert
Event Type: Group Flight

Aircraft: A380-800
Livery: Emirates (2023)
Led by: @a5b6d28383
Spawn at: 2024-05-12T15:00:00Z at the Terminal 3 at Dubai

Feel free to join my group flight if you want to. I am not responsible for any violations or mishaps, and please be as realistic as possible.

Fuel: 36,650 kgs
Cargo: 9,305 kgs
Passengers: 373
Climb Profile: 250/300/82
Cruise: M0.85, FL400
Descent Profile: 82/300/240

Copy Flight Plan from @a5b6d28383

Choose any gates you want that are available.

ATC Signups

Airport Frequency User
Dubai Ground N/A
Dubai Tower N/A
Dubai Approach N/A
Dubai Departure N/A
Jeddah Ground N/A
Jeddah Tower N/A
Jeddah Approach N/A
Jeddah Departure N/A

Please follow ATC instructions at all times, and use unicom properly if there is no ATC.

The use of SIDS and STARS are highly recommended, for realism, if you use your own flight plan.

Please check whether you are attending this event or not in the box below:

Too early for me😭

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What time will work for you?

What Timezone are you on? Also try make the event on a weekend with the time being at 1700z. You’ll attract more trust

Will 1500z to 1830z work for you?

Yea that’s perfect👍

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I can come to your event

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I would like to take Concourse A Gate A04

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Just spawn there at the spawn time please

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