Group Flight disturbed and Destroyed by a FlyBe Embraer Plane

Hello this is awful news. @NiagaraAviation, @Jackson_Kaiman and I were in Cathy Pacific Boeing 747-400s taxiing for takeoff from Shanghai to Kai Tak. During our taxi, an flybe embraer e175 cut off our group as our convoy was making our turn and instead of addressing the situation, the controller asked one of us to hold short (after we crossed a taxi way crossing threshold) even though we had the right away and within the next second ghosted the two of us and nothing happened to the flybe aircraft. This is absurd and utterly disrespectful.

We were in a formation flight

Sorry to hear, do you have the name of the controller, and do you have any screenshots?

What server was this? And do you have the information of the pilot? Like:


If he was ghosted, it would be expert

Yes I have screenshots. This was on expert servers.

Who was your controller?

Pilots were: Cathy Pacific 99 Flight of 3 (ClevelandSpotter)
and Cathy Pacific 99 Flight of 3 (NiagaraAviation)

controller was IFAE IFATC Ethan H

Do you have the display name of the flybe pilot, and who was the controller at the present time.

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Contact this person with all the information and screenshots you sent us. He will tell you what he saw and you will tell him what you saw and did. And what i see from this, it is The FlyBe’s fault. But that is not my call

Please send the controller a pm and take it from there.

@Airbus_Driver is your controller, please PM him.