Group flight, come and join

welcome to join me on a flight

  • *777 200 , PIA airlines:

  • **OPKC to VOBL **:

  • 8:43 UTC time:

  • training server:

  • my callsign will be PIA552 spawn 10 min before departure, ill make the FPL

I really hate to be that guy but you need to follow the rules of the #live:groupflights category. They are below;

Edit: I’m referring to the title


Is the rest fine?

Yeah rest is fine. But add more details on your group flight. For example list the Dep. ICAO and Arrival ICAO. Also check what @TRDubh posted. It will help you. Also Is your flyout in 1 hour? I think the minimum is 2 hours for this kind of flyout. Event are allowed to be planned longer than that.

it suppose to be in 2 hours the flight