Group Flight - Coast- Coast - American Airlines

Hello IFC! Yesterday 6/3/22. I did a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to San Francisco, California with @Thomas_Cunningham. Please do enjoy these screenshots!

Boarding the aircraft!

View from the parking garage.

Taxiing to Runway 36R.


Climbing to 30k feet

Descending to San Francisco


@Thomas_Cunningham Lead me to the gate! It was really cool!

Made it!

Thanks for viewing! Stay Safe my friends! 🙏


Lovely shots! 😉😎

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Thank you!

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great pictures!

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Thank you! 🙂

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Great shots! I had fun flying with you!


Looks amazing!

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I will fly the b77W

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Thanks for viewing my friend!

What plane will you fly

@Jackanimate this was done weeks ago. I am not doing this route

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When is your next flight RyMan I would love to join

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I’ll PM you when I make a group flight

I will have a group flight in 3 hours

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