Group Flight Category Question

Ok, after seeing some topics get closed because of the three-hour rule.

What and when was the three-hour rule created and why does it have to be posted three hours before.
I have had this issue before, where I have created a group flight and it gets closed because of the three-hour rule.

Look here I would just like to say to moderators and the developers that I believe the three-hour rule should become four or five hours. I would like a little bit more of a heads up.

Could someone who is a TL3 or higher explain this to me, more preferably a moderator.

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The time restriction is mainly to differentiate the difference between #live:events and #live:groupflights

While group flights are meant to take place 3 hours from posting, events can take place up to 30 days from posting. Additionally, one must be at least TL2 to post an event, while group flights can be posted by anyone.


Thanks @naro

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