Group Flight: Cancun to Mexico City!

Oh look… another Group Flight! Let’s get together at Cancun and fly a bunch of Aeromexico 737’s to Mexico City. Grab your device, buckle up, and prepare for a busy flight! ✈️

IFATC will provide service where able, so remember to always be in contact with them if they are open. This includes centre and departure frequencies.


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Origin Destination Livery Aircraft Distance Duration Fuel Server Departure
MMUN MMMX Aeromexico B738 777 NM 2:00 8,674 kgs Expert 2023-11-28T22:00:00Z

Flight Plan

MMUN UN710 UN704 UN711 UDGUV IKLEK 2040N/8823W CZA ALPOM MEDOS UBVOV 2032N/9609W 2024N/9651W 2008N/9748W 2001N/9811W 1954N/9844W 1953N/9854W 1954N/9856W 1955N/9917W 1953N/9927W 1946N/9935W 1936N/9917W 1932N/9914W 1926N/9915W PLAZA MMMX

NOTAM: This flight will be lead by @Dan. As this event is being hosted on the expert server, we ask for your full cooperation with IFATC and to follow all expert server rules. Speed & altitude at your discretion. Use of SIDs & STARs recommended. Have fun!

Please check whether or not you’re attending this event below!

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Very nice flight indeed :)


Lovely event, looking forward to it. This would have been a great partnership with Aeromexico Virtual if they were approved.


My school ends 35 minutes after this so i might be able to attend but ill be a little late


looks like fun!


I can join dan! 🗿


I can join


Why on the night of my RAF cadets @Dan?

Wonderful stuff🤩


I’ll totally be there!


@Abhik_Mallik we all want to see Air India 747 actually 🗿


Cant wait for this awesome event


Very excited for my 2nd Grade 3 group flight!


I’ll have to join this one!! What i did with the JetBlue transcontinental is I departed ahead of the traffic about 25 mins before, I circled the airport at my cruising altitude until everyone was up, and I flew 2 inches from dans a321 🤓


haha. i was departing out of colombo,srilanka yesterday and flew 100ft over @MANDELA

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this will be a fun one !!


Looking forward to this. A group flight I can actually join


I don’t have pro so I can’t join 🥲

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It will be 3:30am for Air India 747 actually🗿


@Dan Do you want me to spawn in around 4:45PM EST or right at 5:00PM

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