Group Flight: Buenos Aires to São Paulo!

I’m joining for sure! This will be my first group flight!

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Nice. I hope see you up there!

The event starts at 2024-01-06T20:00:00Z (in your time zone).

Time for chaos! 😄


I have to join late

Don’t worry, ground is quite busy.

What happened to the ground ATC that doesn’t release push? And there is no one to take the taxi… I understand that at events it is slow, but…

IFATC are implementing flow control procedures as to not create a bottleneck at the arrival airport. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


I was on grade 3 I took some time off and now I’m back to grade 2. But can’t wait to do a group flight with you guys

Have to hold position right away 🗿

That’s a good plan

Because I had to join late I am STILL on the ground at SABE

this thing is crazy long! I’m the 4th to last plane though which is sad

I’m on arrival now. Safe flight

93 miles to go. God speed to you

Great event @Dan !!!

Thanks for joining!!


I witnessed your landing in :D

Still cruising at FL390 will be arriving in 35 minutes!

Weeeell… I didn’t have pro until the 25 so I couldn’t do it.

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