Group Flight: Buenos Aires to São Paulo!

Hello everyone! It’s time for a group flight in South America with Aerolineas Argentinas’ B738. This time we’ll be flying from Buenos Aires all the way up to São Paulo. What are you waiting for? Sign up below and join us for this 2hr adventure!

IFATC will provide service where able, so remember to always be in contact with them if they are open. This includes centre and departure frequencies.


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Origin Destination Livery Aircraft Distance Duration Fuel Server Departure
SABE SBGR Aerolineas Argentinas B738 1,059 NM 2:20 8,721 kgs Expert 2024-01-06T20:00:00Z

Flight Plan

SABE AER14 DORVO PABOT LOMID 3349S/5613W ANRUP MLO OGRUN 3042S/5249W 3030S/5240W 3011S/5226W 2917S/5144W 2905S/5135W PENSO 2727S/5020W 2607S/4916W 2545S/4901W 2529S/4850W 2515S/4842W 2460S/4833W 2421S/4810W 2346S/4749W 2337S/4744W 2332S/4738W 2322S/4726W 2313S/4715W 2308S/4709W 2304S/4705W 2259S/4659W 2252S/4651W 2249S/4644W 2247S/4638W 2247S/4631W 2248S/4625W 2250S/4618W 2313S/4633W 2316S/4627W 2316S/4618W 2318S/4615W EDPAM SBGR

NOTAM: This flight will be lead by @Dan. As this event is being hosted on the expert server, we ask for your full cooperation with IFATC and to follow all expert server rules. Speed & altitude at your discretion. Use of SIDs & STARs recommended. Have fun!

Please check whether or not you’re attending this event below!

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Event Feedback

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I’ll join in the fun.


Nice event Dan. Hopefully we have some more of these events on the weekend throughout 2024.


A livery that I don’t usually fly at all…

Can’t join this one :(

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Will be joining!


I’ll be there. Hope someday you can do a fly in /out at MUHA


Unfortunately I can not be there tomorrow because I do not have expert server. Please mak this in a casual server cause it would be very helpful for me.


We don’t fly in casual server because we like having a professional experience, if you want help reaching grade 3 shoot me a dm


This is rather… interesting.


I will try to join, I may or not be there for the landing because I have something to do 30 minutes after landing


Yes please, I am almost at grade 2 I just need 15 more landings but I would love to get grade 3 if you would be willing to help.

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Why can’t we even do a casual one holy cow? I’ve been waiting for a million years.

Unfortunately can’t join because I have no pro😢.

What grade will it be

This event will be held on Expert Server (Grade 3)


Because expert server is more professional and realistic

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And to complete what @BenjiTheBull already said if you want to join more casual server events you should have participated in the Christmas Countdown event flight from OMDB to OTHH .

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Thanks for inviting me

What time will it be?