Group flight BIKF-LFPG

So I wanted to host a group flight from Iceland to Paris.

2021-02-27T16:30:00Z ā†’ 2021-02-27T19:30:00Z


  • Aircraft and Livery: Icelandiair 757 or Airfrance 777

  • Route: PIXU3B SID, BIBA80 STAR, I09R APP (Add fixes closer to runway if possible) Then LFPG.

  • Time of Departure: 11:30 AM EST

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: You can choose if you want to be Air France 777 or Icelandair 757.
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Hey nice flight but you forgot the time to put in Zulu you can find everything here: New Formatting For Event and GroupFlights Titles


Iā€™m sure this is a good flight to fly!

Unfortunately, you can only post a #live:groupflights topic within 3 hours of your departure time. So, you may repost this at 2021-02-27T13:30:00Z.

See here for more details about this category

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