Group Flight - Australia (YSSY - WSSS)

Or did I make a mistake I did not notice?

Group flights take place within 3 hours of posting now a few days:) And also in the wrong category:)

What didn’t I put it in group flights?

What’s the Classic server?

Lol I meant casual

Fixed the category

Now you just gotta fix the title.

You haven’t fixed everything…

Ok how? Any suggestions?

Read this topic:

Have already done that

And why 3hrs before schedule

Read it again. There are specific date and time requirements you must add, which your topic does not currently adhere to.

Ok can u be specific please so I can change it

240342ZJAN20 is the current time. Fix this appropriately so it matches up with your group flight.

Then it’s not a #live:groupflights I’ve said it already. If it doesn’t take place within 3 hours. It cannot be posted and is considered an #live:events and there’s much more guidelines for Events. Please just read what’s been tagged throughly.

It’s now 3hrs within schedule to departure which means it’s now a group flight

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Still need to follow the format. :)

That link has already been posted 3 time’s above. There’s no need to post it again as you’re repeating what has been said numerous times above.

@SahyaQFFlyer, your title should be:

Group flight-Australia @YSSY 240600ZJAN20

After you’ve done that, you’re done and ready to fly!

Title is wrong. We have very clear instructions that have been outlined in the master topic for that category which @anon41771314 so kindly linked.