Group flight around the world

I am looking to form a group to fly around the world. I have spent many hours in different places but it think it is now time for us to enjoy the global side of IF. I would like to set up a group of GA aircraft to circumnavigate the world. I need your help! Who would be interested? What aircraft would you like to see? What places should we stop? Should we wait for the TBM?

  • Yes. I’m interested
  • No. Sounds boring.

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He’s looking for suggestions first. Nothing wrong with @Jlittle231 reaching out to the community for some ideas and an overall consensus


Maybe PM him and help him make a poll too. Regulars are welcomed to help new users. New folks love when they get a warm welcome.


Sorry! :)
@Jlittle231 personally, I do think an “around the world” flight would be fun. You could switch up the aircraft and go everywhere!
Best of luck with it.

I’ve sent you a DM regarding some event info.
Hopefully I can help you with this! :)

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I’ll do that. If your still up for the trip around with you. Just need all that technical stuff if your doing it. Just DM @Jlittle231

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