Group Controlling on Playground

Are there any ATC hopefuls that would like to control some airspace together, perhaps in one of the less-used free regions. San Francisco maybe? Would be fun to get some like-minded people together to practice our skills before becoming advanced controllers. Of course this would be a call out for pilots to come fly the region as well!

I’m thinking maybe later today (June 18th) to give people some time to prepare. 1500 EST (2000GMT)? San Francisco, KSAN (ground, tower, approach, departure), Stockton (KSCK, Ground, Tower, Approach), and maybe San Jose?

Thoughts? Anyone interested? Would be nice to organize it here so we can communicate what is happening in terms of who is controlling what airspace so we don’t stomp on each other and warn aircraft that someone else is already vectoring.

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Less used regions? Take Oshkosh :smiley:

I would like to come and do ATC with you as well.

Crap! Sorry guys, a family member has surprised me with coming a day early to visit. I have to cancel today. Next time!

Yes very much. I would like someone at my side who from whom I could learn something. That would be a good idea !

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Keep us informed on next event? I’d love to join in ☺️


Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Make sure to follow this topic and I’ll organize a session next week.

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Good day!

PM me anyone who wants group controlling, I’ve created a SLACK channel for this and I’ll get you invites! Then we can get together in London for example. Study the charts before the operation of course.

I’ve just stopped controlling in SoCal. Will try to do London as frequently ad possible. It’s a nice region and I think we need to get people in.

@Azariasz_Zosiuk please post that in a separate topic:)