Group chat up to 500!

Until we get inbuilt chat in Infinite-Flight, take a look at this app SOMA Messenger. You can have group chat with around 500+video calls. It will come handy if you need realtime messaging in event. one phone to play one to chat.
Just realised its just another what’s app scenario. How many willing to give out mobile number. D’oh

I think many won’t be willing to give their phone number because they don’t want to risk getting spammed.


Yes Sean, I completely forgot about that. I won’t give out mine. Anyways hope this app comes handy for using with family and friends

Inwould never give out my phone number to anyone here except for a special group of trustworthy people.

Imho the best for PTT chat when you do a group event is still zello

What zello channel is still active?