Group ATC Tracking Thread (Permanently Closed)

Oh ok thank you, I was just so wondering as I will start a tracking thread soon

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Open: 302115ZDEC17 for 1 hour Tower and Ground.
EDDL - @Trio Tower and Ground
EDDM - @Cbro4 Tower and Ground
EDDK - @Ryan_Vidad Tower and Ground
EDDF - @Brent_Adams Tower and Ground

Edit: Closed. We are working out the kinks. 😉


We will open in the ZLA sector on 50100ZJAN18 for 1 hour, Tower and Ground.

Just wanted to reiterate. Our thread will be open today at 0100ZULU. 😉 Have a nice day and come and stop by.

How do you get a tracking thread? Do you have to be IFATC?

No, people use to get enough experience to get into the IFATC usually. You can just click “new topic” button and enter your thread under #live:atc with the expected format such as my thread or this one. If no one yells at you know you used the correct format. 👌


May I join as ATC for EDMO?

Please read the post. 👌

Open: 1 hour Tower and Ground. 👌

KPSP - @Trio
KONT - @Nickolas_Ridgeway

Edit: Closed.

Open: 1 hour Tower and Ground. Hop in your GA aircraft and come on down.👌
KSEE - @Trio
KRNM - @SF34

Edit: Closed

Open: Tower and Ground. 👌

RJBB - @Trio 1 hour.
RJAA - @Cbro4 30 minutes.

Edit: Closed.

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Sup guys! Can I open up too? Just tell me where to go!

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@SF34 read the post. 👍

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Whoops, sorry. Should’ve looked.

It’s okay. We would love to have you, just ask Trio first. :)

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Too lazy to leave feedback for each person so I’ll just post it here for you all


  1. You cannot have people come in on 34 when you’re using 16. Don’t hesitate to tell them(or me) to follow your rules.
  2. Sequencing lacking, I should be following a plane on final 34L but you missed that
  3. Reclear direction after runway change


  1. You got the speed command usage after my go around so nice job on that.
  2. When ur in doubt about the Japan air, clear him for the option because this clears him for everything.

1 question: Why won’t you let some people do pattern on 34R when the airport is empty

Approach whoever you are

  1. The airspace above airport isn’t a restricted airspace, feel free to fly me over it, I’m at 6000 feet that is enough space, saves you and myself time

RJAA crew

  1. Better coordination, stop trying to grab people from each other’s frequency.

Had fun nevertheless, thanks for the service


I announced a runway change when I switched from 16 to 34. I think you were on departure when I announced it, though. Sorry, was flying there. Thanks for the feedback.

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34R was a little too short for certain size aircraft in my opinion. I am currently working to get better communication with my work on growing Group AT Tracking Thread. Thanks for the feedback. 👌

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Thank you for the feedback!

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Open: ZPSD for 1 hour Tower, Ground and Approach/Departure when it becomes avalible.

Ground - @Cbro4
Tower - @Trio

Edit: Closed. We did not have control of Approach unfortunatly.