Groundspeed Records

Wait so does it count or not? Just wondering…

I think I will be the one who win B772 ER record with GS 705 .
Can you add me please .

So why does @anon77793723 still have the record for the XCub? He/ She only got 29 knots. I got 127 knot gs.

If you want I’ll flag this for closure and make a new one.

I will wait 24 hours to see the last update .

I belive i have a record? 👀
Aircraft is a 737-800

I gave it a shot : )

A380 GS record…for now.

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Why have I still not been added?

617kts GS on 0.86
Qantas A380

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Once I tried to land an a321 without flaps at 300kts and guess what happened…

Just got reminded of this topic and checked one of my old flights.
Looks like I have the record for the A350 NOW!

at the time winds were over/around 180 knots! it was also a this day that both BritishAirways and VirginAtlantic set the new record this year IRL for fastest trans-atlantic crossing

The BY155 guy would also have the new record for the 787-9 at a whopping 690 knots but since he hasn’t replied here we’ll just leave that.

Sry I can’t edit the thread anymore. I’ve exceeded the time limit of editing. I’m trying to find someone who can do a second edition for this.

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I don’t know if it’s possible but mods might be able to turn this to a Wiki still and all TL3s be able to edit

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Like I said I can make another edition. I just need approval from you to do it.

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A320-200, I was.descending rapidly and also this was on CS


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@MKAviationYT What airspeed were you going…because unless you had a 200kt+ tailwind at 19000ft (which is extremely unlikely) you were definitely going over the aircraft’s limits - which makes this speed invalid.

I never heard you ask. But yeah I approve of you for the creation of a second edition of this thread.

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Great. Expect it to be made sometime before thanksgiving. Might even be made tonight.