Grounded 777s at NZCH

Hello everyone as many of you will know New Zealand is currently in lock down due to the current Pandemic. With New Zealand being in lock down the national Flag Carrier has started grounding its aircraft mainly at NZCH and NZAA. Today I took a quick stop at the airport to see these beautiful birds sun bathing in the typical Canterbury sun.

These aircraft are parked at the Antarctic area which isn’t currently being used by the usually C17s, C130s and 747SP.

Air New Zealand also have a number of ATR and A320 aircraft grounded at NZCH however they where a lot harder to reach and due to current isolation reasons I didn’t try and capture them but here is some photos taken by Stuff a New Zealand News page.


Lastly the beautiful ATR aircraft standing proud to still wear the native fern on its belly which I couldn’t get a photo of 😢. Both ZK-OAB and ZK-MVA are currently grounded in NZCH those two aircraft Both wear the Beautiful All Blacks livery. Let’s hope to see these jets back where they belong serving Aotearoa.

Kia Kaha Everyone and stay safe my friends


This is really interesting to see! Thank you for sharing!!


ANZ definitely has a place in my heart as my favorite livery, especially the all blacks. So, thank you for sharing.

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Poor Air New Zealand Aircraft.

They should be up in our soaring skies, flying across the land! Not sitting around waiting for the virus to calm down.


Agreed they should fly high and wander the world

Awful to see :(

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Kia Kaha to you to and all of the struggling airlines during this period


Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran told airpoints customers and staff in an email late on Monday the airline was planning to be a much smaller airline because of the Covid-19 crisis, with just domestic routes and limited international services
’We’ll emerge a much smaller airline and could take years to get back to our former size’


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Yeah it’s very sad to see the airline losing this amount of staff. The airline recently delivered ZK-OKT back to Taiwan with its owners Eva Air

Was in NZ for vacation in December-January. Absolutely gorgeous country. Those beautiful birds are so beautiful! (Haha) 😍

While on my trip to NZ, I flew on:

  • I flew into NZ via NZCH (Christchurch) from Australia.
  • ANZ A320 from Queenstown to Wellington (NZQN-NZWN)
  • ANZ Q-300 from Wellington to Rotorua (NZWN-NZRO)
  • and finally on my flight home back to New York, an ANZ 787-9 from Auckland to Chicago (NZAA-KORD)

Extraordinary aircraft, and it’s an amazing fleet ANZ has.

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Definitely love the airline a lot and there livery is beautiful. Glad to see you visiting some beautiful places around NZ. NZCH is my favourite approach into out of most of the airports other than Queenstown

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