Ground textures not loading on default exterior camera views

I’ve noticed that on some exterior camera views, especially the “bottom” view, that the ground textures aren’t loading. From other camera views the textures on the ground load. It’s only ground textures, scenery and building textures load. It’s odd though that if I move the camera slightly the textures are visible like usual. I’ve attached some images below of the textures missing and the last two is the default bottom camera and then moved slightly to show the textures,

Yes i’ve cleared scenery cache, restarted and done all the usual troubleshooting things. This has been happening for the last month or two.

Might this be because the camera is positioned “beneath the surface”? This at least happened to me before. So when you use some cameras at a certain angle, they go into the asphalt, and IF makes objects invisible when you’re in them

Interesting. Is this happening at any particular airport or aircraft? Also, when you go to the replay of this flight, does the same thing happen in the bottom view?

The next time it happens, post your graphics settings, aircraft, airport and any other information you feel is relevant, and we can try and see if the issue is reproducible.

Also - have you tried changing your graphics settings to “low” and then back again, when this happens? There’s a slight chance that it might be related to this issue here (even though the issue below happens to all views/camera options):

This is a known issue that had been brought up internally a few months back. Even if you place the free cam close to the ground and rotate it around its axis, the pavement textures disappear momentarily and the satellite imagery underneath becomes visible. Nevertheless, good catch and thanks for reporting this issue!

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