Ground textures keep disappearing

Hello after a flight sometimes I have the ground taxiway disappear it has only started doing this last couple weeks.
Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated thanks heaps


Have you cleared your cache in the game settings as this may help!

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I sometimes get this and clearing cache helps

Yes I actually cleared it before the event it’s just frustrating when it happens

Oh ok that is really annoying. Maybe uninstall and restart your phone before reinstalling…

I was hoping not to do that but I will have to when I get home as it chews a lot of data re-installing all the aircraft I do really appreciate your suggestions its a great help I was winding if this was a known problem as well as you can see on the last pic not all the texture dissappeared it was only half the runway
And the first sign it’s going to happen is taxi Lines are not visible then a minute later the taxiway totally disappear

Yeah I agree that it does chew a lot of data to re install. I occasionally get the same issue and It mostly works when I reinstall after rebooting my phone.

Sorry you are having issues with Infinite Flight. In order for your team to better assist you we need more information:

  • Device make and exact model
  • OS version (Android version or iOS version)
  • Are you able to reproduce the issue consistently? The best bug report is one with a list of steps to exactly reproduce the issue.


ps: for anybody else reading this, please include all this info each time reporting an issue. Infinite Flight runs on a huge number of devices, we obviously can’t try them all but it really helps to have as much detail as possible.


Hello thank you so very much for your reply I have been playing infinite flight for years and really enjoy every minute of it.
My device is a OPPO A73
6” Full HD Display with Gorilla Glass 5 (2160 x 1080)
32GB Storage and 3GB RAM (Expandable upto 256GB via optional MicroSD)
MediaTek Octa-Core Processor
Colour version. V3.2

I have just done a flight some touch and goes at ybbn no problems it seems to happen after hour plus flights. I have all background apps closed and over a gb of free ram I have been playing on this type of phone for a long time without problem.
I will be doing more flights tonight and tomorrow I will pay more attention to what’s going on to see if it’s replicable but the first clue to it happening Is the taxi way lines disappear first then a minute later all the taxiway disappear
Thanks so very much philippe

no need to reinstall IF, if you see that when you spawn, just a simple force close the app and restart it again works for me very well.

but of course that’s not the case when you already flying, you will either have to land in that condition or quit your flight, up to you to decide.

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