Ground texture quality

Any updates for ground textures?

In 2022 it looks bad. As I understand, the last update was in 2015.
What about updating them?


Scenery costs a lot of money for IF, so probably not for a while.

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I think they dont update the setillite for 2 main reasons

  1. Good quality setillite costs a lot of money this is the reason why the quality of mfs (uses Microsoft’s bing maps) is better than x plane’s quality
  2. High quality may cause trouble to bad devices

1 it’s ok. Maybe BUT we don’t need super high-quality graphics.
2 For this, we have settings for graphics ;)

It was last updated in 2019. First “batch” came with Global in 2017. The current resolution is at 15 meters per pixel.

No one will argue that it could be better when flying on lower altitudes. In normal cruise however (FL300 and above), i don’t see any problems.

One of the primary concerns with higher resolution imagery is that it would require significantly more of your device. That’s why we’ve “settled” for this right now. It’s a compromise between performance as well as necessity.

Not how it works with satellite imagery unfortunately.


FL300 - it’s ok
But if I compare it with Google maps, IF looks sad

Performance - it’s game settings question ;)


Unfortunately, we aren’t Google. And it’s not really relevant either since the sole purpose of Google Maps is to display images. That’s all it does. Infinite Flight does a whole lot more than that ;)

Again, no. The imagery is a picture that’s downloaded as it is from our servers to your device. It will display in it’s source resolution regardless.


I hope this will be in the future

Im asking out of curiosity: would it be technically possible to provide a better resolution in the adjacent surrounding of an airport?
I totally agree, on cruise level the resolution is absolutely sufficient.


You mean like the satellite imagery in the scenery editor (assuming you are one, if not there’s satellite tech that scenery editors use to aid with 2D and 3D object positioning). Yeah I think that would be a good idea (assuming the servers and other stuff can handle it.

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I’m not, but I’ve seen the editor view. That’s exactly what I was thinking about. If technically possible…

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One big difference is google is a multi billion dollar global company who uses there own team of people dedicated to creating the image you see on google maps. Using that to make a game requires insane amounts of processing and a bunch of modifications to make that a flat surface u can taxi a airplane on at each airport.

I believe that IF should use Google Maps data.

It will be when rain upside down 👍

Yeah that’s true, the IF Team it’s not a millionaire company, they’re a relatively small group

You have got to remember it took a lot of effort just to get to global . Infinite Flight scenery is the best out of all the mobile simulators if you were to compare them. :)

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what’s service IF used to build ground texture? Bing?

Nope. It’s listed on the “About” page :)

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Slight sway of topic, but speaking of satellite imagery, has their been any progress or movements into 3D terrain above/below 60°? I’ve read the thread about that a few of times, but given that it’s a couple years old now, I wanted to ask.

Any comment?

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Not that I’m aware of, sorry!