Ground texture issues and app issues

Hi Infinite flight, I wanted to point out an issue ive been having in Infinite Flight. First is the ground, it gets blurry and pretty much its all gone like i cant see anything. Ive checked storage and wifi connection, both are ok. I dont wanna get reported by IFATC for not following directions when out of nowhere i cant even see the ground. I also noticed recently ive been having issues with The app as a whole…meaning it just kicks me out. Every time i end a flight it just freezes for a solid 5-10 seconds and it kicks me out. I thought my flight ours would save but i was wrong, even my landings, ive done like what 4-5 flights or so till I realized nothing saved, prob around im estimating a little under 20 hours possibly more, and well abt 5 landings. If there’s any suggestions plz ima need it ive restarted my device numerous times and the app (like deleting and re-installing) i need suggestions, please yall.

A possible fix for this problem would be clearing your scenery cache by going into Infinite Flight Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache. Once that is complete, restart your app. However, I’m not quite sure to what extent the issue is happening, so maybe a screenshot would provide additional information. But, clearing your scenery cache is never a bad option and is good to do once in a while, even if you don’t have the issue.

As for the crashing and freezing, I’d try lowering your graphic settings and aircraft count just a tad and removing any apps that may be running in the background just to increase the performance of the app. There’s no real diagnosis as to what’s causing the crashing, nor is there an official fix that’ll fix the issue you described, just because it’s not as detailed as we’d need to diagnose it. Stats should save regardless, and typically a short flight on casual and/or an app restart should update your stats.


Thx a ton, ill look into it more and ill do my best. Have a good day and see ya around!

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