Ground Taxi Speed Violation

Hi Guys,

When I am taxiing on live (ATC Playground & Advanced Server), get a taxi speed violation when I am not anywhere near the limit (35kts). I was doing 16kts earlier in Sydney on ATC Playground. This isnt limited to YSSY or the Sydney Region as I have had this happen on other maps. As you could well imagine this impacts on my Standing and XP, and makes my purchase of IF Live a bit pointless. Please don’ think i’m blaming anyone or complaining, just pointing out that my purchase isn’t offering the full experience it is advertised to. Does anyone else also have this issue?

Parked at YSSY P1
Taxiing at 16kts to 34L
Speed Violation Reported

Device Specs:

iPad 4 Wifi 32gb
IOS 8.4


You have to look at the Ground Speed.

The Airspeed is detected via the Pitot Tubes, you could imagine that when it’s windy (especially with tailwind) the actual speed isn’t true.


Thanks @Laurens , hadn’t thought of that

It’s not bug, moved to general topic.

This same thing happened to me i checked my groundspeed at time of violation and it was 24 knots ground speed


The Taxi violation is tied to only the GS, not the Knots air speed indicator. It cannot occur when below 35GS.

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