Ground tags of ATC

I hope we can add some tags on the ground of atc,it’s really useful for atc.
Let me show my ideas!

The first one:

  • The white tag is used for when pilots requests pushback expect runway 18L,so it will show white tag 18L

  • The bule tag P should be used when atc answered “taxi to parking”Then it will show.

  • The green tag is used for when atc approved the taxi clearance.(Taxi to runway 18L,contact…)Then the green tag will be showed on atc.

The Second:

If pilots request pushback,but atc answered to hold position.So the pilot‘s name will be red to remind atc who requested pushback.

If you are interested in it,feel free to vote it!

It’s a smart idea but then the atc wouldn’t be able to see all the planes if the airport is busy


Yeah,or we can try to use less word.Like 18L(white or green)


Good idea I would love this to happen as I sometimes forget with who is doing what


Maybe they could remove the altitude tag and replace it with the runway they’re taxiing to or ‘P’ for parking. The altitude tag is not necessary as a Ground controller.

Then, all cleared aircraft can change to a different colour as they do when a landing clearance is given.


Woah, cool idea and it won’t t definitely interfere with other aircrafts on your display! I.e. radar facility (plane data on a screen) fits much more information for each aircraft and doesn’t conflict with other’s data


This is a great idea! The reminer is not needed though as we have that already. Just click on the aircraft and click set reminder and you will be fine :) I hope this comes though!


Nice idea , it would really be helpful for ATC .

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Love this idea so much! Won’t need to go through the message history or pan the tower camera around to see what is happening as much. Will for sure speed things up, reduce workload and help enforce instructions given to pilots.

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This makes a lot of sense!

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That could be great!

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This‘s great!For those airports with heavy traffic, ATC can better understand the status of the aircraft.

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