Ground steering

I have recently or not so recently discovered that there seems to be a limitation when it comes to nose gear steering at high speeds(mostly during landing is when it’s noticable). I understand that this is somewhat realistic, but if you land not perfectly straight and drag that rudder all the way left or right in order to straighten the plane out on the runway, it is almost impossible to do. It’s not like I’m landing sideways, but even in crosswinds the nose gear travel restriction makes it hard to stay on the runway. Is this limitation a feature that was added or are my settings just crazy weird? If this is a feature, is it at all possible to gain a little more travel at VR speed in order to keep control of your plane?

its already there

For nose steering its already listed above ^

If you are having problems with landing and hitting the center line during crosswind landing maybe you need a bit more practice or experience.

This official Infinite Flight tutorial might help:

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Well it used to be sensitive like that topic says but it is no longer…

Do you have auto-coordination turned on or off?

I can hit centrelines pretty well, it’s after the nose gear hits the runway

Auto coordination is on

Also its like any vehicle. Like in a car its harder to make turns at higher speeds. You would’t make a 90 degree turn on the freeway because 1 you really can’t due to limitations or turn radius. And second it isn’t safe.

Similar concept in an aircraft

Yeah I understand that there should be a steering restriction but I would at lease like enough steering response to steer the plane safely. Keeping the Same consept of more travel the slower you go is a good idea, but in a way we start with too little travel

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Maybe you aren’t using enough rudder pressure? From my experience in IF I had no problems keeping the aircraft on the center line even during crosswinds on landing and takeoff.

Don’t over estimate the rudder at high speeds. When you are landing or taking off near 130kts+, when trying to steer try to apply full right or left rudder.

I’ve tried full rudder and it doesn’t work. Could it be something in settings?

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This is not an issue or a setting that can be changed.
The effect of the rudder input to the nose wheel is progressively decreasing the faster you go. It’s by design.

Line up straight with then runway on takeoff or landing, and you won’t have any problems :)


Funny…I think it’s safe to say I am

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It’s safe to say you’re what exactly? :)


The problem you are having is you are waiting until touchdown to straighten out when you should be de crabbing (straightening out) before you touchdown. Around the same time you flare you should be de crabbing and holding that until you touchdown and slowly let off the rudder as you slow down, eventually not using the rudder at all at a slow enough speed.


I think it’s safe to say I’m having problems. I’m aware that for example a 747 has a limitation to 8 degrees past 65 KIAS but what I’m saying is there really 8 degrees of movement in IF?

Thanks for telling me my problems…I know how to crosswind land. Even in general, a small adjustment is hard to accomplish

The nose gear doesn’t really become unresponsive until you reach around 100kts, so i don’t quite understand the reference to 747-8’s limit of 8 degrees at 65kts? :)

If I’m landing at…160knots…the steering doesn’t become effective for another 60 knots decreased.from now on I guess I’ll just land at 180 knots where the limitation begins that way I can correct for a sudden gust of wind of whatever, and then slow down, loosing steering until I slow to 100 knots. Yeah, that’s not a practical solution

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Ah, now i understand.

If you make sure your nose is pointing straight when you set down your nose gear, it won’t be a problem. I’ve done it millions of times by now. Sure, it was a bit different getting used to in the beginning… but now it works great.