Ground Speed Violation Changes

I am suggesting some options to allow bush flying in the small prop planes.

  1. Exempt small aircraft from taxi speed violations outside of airport boundaries.
  2. Allow overspeed on ground for a longer time period before issuing a violation to allow for takeoff.

One or both of these changes would allow pilots to land and takeoff from “natural runways” in the bush.

It’s already possible in most of the prop planes if you perform a near-stall landing. Takeoff can be done too provided winds are right. The above changes will make it more realistic by not having to fight the violations.


I just turn on the brakes before landing and stall in the ground.


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Not to be confused with the urban dictionary definition…


I love it, I do it in Seattle. Would love to see this added so I can land at small airports

Urban Dictionary is… Not good…


You would kinda need trees tho because IRL you can’t land anywhere in the bush

@AR_AR I changed your title so it explains what you’re asking for more clearly :)

Yes this is probably better. Thanks.

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