Ground speed limit rework

Just a thought - ramps and taxiways have very different speed restrictions in most real situations.

Since it is (I think?) possible for the app to distinguish between the two zones, ought it to reflect reality and set a maximum of 15kts on the ramp/terminal and 20kts for taxiways rather than a blanket 35kts?

Furthermore, I’d like to see autopilot velocity control while on the ground brought back in, but up to a max of 35kts

I don’t think that there is a way to distinguish the ramp area from actual taxiways without having to edit the airport to include these information (I’m also not sure how this would be done). I’d rather propose a general taxi speed limit of 20/25 knots.
But I’m not 100% sure so I’d be happy if somebody from the airport editing team could confirm that or correct me. :)

I think the current 35kt ground speed is perfect

It would probably take an obscene amount of time to rework all the already reworked airports to fit this small thing in, so while it’s a good idea i doubt it’ll come very soon.

I think the 35kts was a capped speed so people who actually know what the real life taxi speeds are (as you’ve stated) and procedures are would generally follow them without being told.

This will need some more airports edit, in personal opinion I see that 35 knots is perfect

I would say, generally 30 knots is the “speed limit” at most big sirports, simply because of their size. There are some exeptions, EDDP (Leipzig) in Germany for example has a 20 knot limit. So 35 knots gives the pilot some room to spare.
(So what I’m saying, as it is right now, it’s realistic)

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In general I think your #features could use a bit more thought. The last few I’ve seen have been vague ideas that serve more as a loose “feeler” to gauge interest from others rather than a concrete idea people could seriously consider using their vote on. Try brainstorming via PM or start a conversation in #live that could help shape these a bit better! 🙂